Thursday, January 26, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

A couple of fellow bloggers were kind enough to pass on their Versatile Blogger Award to me, so in turn would like to pass it on and highlight some of the other awesome blogs out there I checkout every week. As part of the award, you’re supposed to list a few things about yourself, so here it goes… 

1.       - My aunt first took me on a backpacking adventure through Europe when I was 15, and I have been an avid shoestring backpacker, traveler, explorer ever since.

2.       - I got my B.A. in History and English and then my M.A. in English at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, also where I met my beautiful wife!

3.       - I take part in Civil War reenactments (for the North) where I get to relive history in front of spectators, and also it’s fun to shoot off lots of black powder on a hot summer’s day.

4.       - Every year I grow lettuce, corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, sunflowers, and whatever else I feel like in my backyard…I also enjoy eating it and giving the rest away to friends and family, so if you want some next fall just let me know;)

5.       - I’m an avid sailor and crew on schooners and sloops on San Francisco Bay with my dad and other fellow “salts” whenever I get a chance.  

Now I’d like to pass on this great award to some of my most favorite blogs below. I think they all rock and I’m sure you will think so too. Check them out!

1.       .W.I.P. It
2.       Alex J. Cavanaugh
3.       Bards and Prophets
5.       David Powers King
6.       Emily R. King
7.       HATTATT
8.       in Media Res
9.       J.A. Bennett


  1. Thank you so much Mark! I knew you did the Civil War thing and I still think it's awesome. Also, I am looking for CP's. Would you like to swap? author.jabennett (at)

  2. Thanks for that!

    Nice to learn a few things about you. I had no idea you did the reenactment stuff. You gotta blog about that one of these days -- with pictures. :)

  3. Dude! Thanks for the award, man. It's awesome learning more about you. Fresh produce. Big fan. :)

  4. Congrats on the award, Mark! Thanks for thinking of me.
    My husband plants a lot of different vegetables and fruit in our garden, too. Last year the sunflowers were beautiful. I'm not much of a gardener. I plant flowers in the spring, but come summer the bugs are too big for me. :)

  5. Thanks, Mark! I appreciate it. I bet the Civil War reenactments are fun.

  6. Congrats on the award! I don't think I could ever sail. It would be fun to go, but I doubt I could do it. Seems hard!

  7. Thank you so much for the award! :)

    Backpacking through Europe? That sounds like a lot of fun!

    Home grown fruits and vegetables are the best.

  8. Congrats on the award Mark! So cool that you grow your own garden. I wish I could get mine to grow (I seem to always kill everything, even the zucchini. It's sad). =)

  9. Thank you so much for the award!
    I love watching sunflowers grow. They are amazing.

  10. Oh, a backpacking trip through Europe, I'm jealous. I'll bet it was wonderful.

    Congratulations on the award, and to all the people you passed it on to.

    Say, what is going on with The Long Defeat anyway? Haven't heard anything about it for a while.

  11. You certainly sound very outdoorsy, Mark. Your aunt sounds cool. I had my backpacking adventure at 21 and it'd be nice to get a chance to do it again sometime.

  12. Congratulations on your award. I think there are a couple of blogs on your list that I'm not already following, off to check them out :-)

  13. Hi Mark..nice getting to know you better. Backpacking through Europe must have been wonderful. I can just picture you growing the vegetables. So, my CP has a green thumb :)

    Thanks for passing me the award. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Hi Mark,
    It's great to find out interesting things about fellow writers. My husband is a big backpacker--just not through Europe.
    I definitely need another critique partner if you're up for it. I don't know where your reading interests lie, but here's my email: susanoloier(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  15. Awww, thanks Mark! everyone here at "Civil War Medicine (and Writing)" thanks you! Well, ok, that's just me, but I do thank you! I love your blog for your posts but also for all the great comments and regular visitors!

    Thanks so much for leaving comments on mine the past couple of posts...I added a comment in answer to your question on finding period/vintage correspondence which I hope you fond helpful.

    You are one of my favorites!

    Keep up the great work!

  16. J.A. – Sounds great, I’ve sent you an email:)

    L.G. – I did blog about it a while back, but I suppose I could do so again. You can imagine how it inspires the writing:)

    David – No prob. Not sure how far away you live, but I’m always willing to share my produce.

    Emily – So long as you enjoy the garden then all’s good:)

    Alex – You’re welcome:) The reenactments are fun indeed.

    Mac – Great to meet you!

    Leigh – Sailing is a blast! Like anything else you just have to jump in and try it:)

    Eagle – Glad you approve:)

    Carolyn – Well, with gardens you just have give them lots of love…and remember to water them;)

    Lynda – Glad you like them.

    McKenize – I’ve backpacked through Europe 7 times so far and can’t get enough. As far as _The Long Defeat_ goes I’ve still got it out with three agents, but they’re still taking their time with it…blah, I hate all the waiting.

    Nick – I do like nature and exploring:) Been to London a few times and love it there!

    Sarah – Check them out, I’m sure you’ll like some of them:)

    Rachna – Yup, a bit of a green thumb. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff:)

    Susan – I’m down for trying out some more reading, so bring it on:) I’ll give you a ping.

    Jim – No worries, I love your blog. I’ll checkout your reply about my last question too. Take care:)

  17. Oh, how your backyard must smile! Nothing like getting out on a trail, or the waterway for relaxation and meditative moments. Congrats on you VB award! :)

  18. Civil War reenactments... Wow. Great writing fodder.

  19. Hi Mark!
    Nice to meet you! I just hopped over from Lynda R. Young's blog who's having a fun cyber BBQ. ;)
    I, too, write short stories. However, I can only do this in my free time. I've become your latest follower. Hope to see you in the blogosphere.
    Cheers from Motreal!

  20. I love learning things like this about others. It's so interesting to me. I've been to civil war reenactments. Very fun to see.

  21. Seven times? Oh, how lovely. What countries?
    Nothing yet? Well, as far as problems go, waiting to hear back from three interested agents isn't so bad, right?

  22. Jayne - It smiles indeed:)

    Robert - It certain is, thanks for stopping by:)

    Claudia - Hello Montreal from San Francisco, nice to meet ya!

    Miranda - They're definitely worth checking out if you're ever able to go see one:)

    McKenzie - All of them;) Well at least half. Not so bad:)