Thursday, January 26, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

A couple of fellow bloggers were kind enough to pass on their Versatile Blogger Award to me, so in turn would like to pass it on and highlight some of the other awesome blogs out there I checkout every week. As part of the award, you’re supposed to list a few things about yourself, so here it goes… 

1.       - My aunt first took me on a backpacking adventure through Europe when I was 15, and I have been an avid shoestring backpacker, traveler, explorer ever since.

2.       - I got my B.A. in History and English and then my M.A. in English at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, also where I met my beautiful wife!

3.       - I take part in Civil War reenactments (for the North) where I get to relive history in front of spectators, and also it’s fun to shoot off lots of black powder on a hot summer’s day.

4.       - Every year I grow lettuce, corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, sunflowers, and whatever else I feel like in my backyard…I also enjoy eating it and giving the rest away to friends and family, so if you want some next fall just let me know;)

5.       - I’m an avid sailor and crew on schooners and sloops on San Francisco Bay with my dad and other fellow “salts” whenever I get a chance.  

Now I’d like to pass on this great award to some of my most favorite blogs below. I think they all rock and I’m sure you will think so too. Check them out!

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