Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Writing Short-Stories

I’d like to thank Milo Fowler for inspiring me to start writing short-stories again. He recently concluded a year-long quest of writing one short-story per week for one whole year. He got the idea from Ray Bradbury who suggested authors should try to write one short-story a week for a single year in order to improve their writing. 

Ray famous dared writers to compose 52 bad short-stories in a year, claiming that it couldn’t be done. If you stick to the game plan you’re bound to start coming up with something good. Milo himself has had several of is short-stories from last year published and has proved Bradbury’s point for certain. 

I began with the first of the year and already have one story complete and will work on another this week. It may not be easy, but I intend to give it a shot for an entire year. How about you, are you game for challenging yourself to a year of short-stories?