Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First-Person or Third-Person…Benefits and Drawbacks

First-person perspective or third? Which do you prefer to read? Which do you prefer to write?  

I’ve always considered myself a mostly third-person type of writer, but lately I’ve been experimenting a lot more with first-person in my short-stories and am enjoying it. Third-person has many great sweeping qualities, but first-person allows a lot of great introspection into a character’s mind. Depending on the style, third-person narratives can distance us a bit more from the characters, but at the same time first-person plots can get overwhelmed with the word “I” if an author isn’t careful.

Honestly, I think most people will read either so long as it’s good. So what makes you write one way or another in your own work? What qualities of the third-person and first-person styles sway you the most?