Thursday, March 29, 2012

Opening Day!

Ready for another season of hot dogs and garlic fries? Can’t wait to see the best pitchers, fielders, and hitters in the world compete? Me too.

Major League Baseball kicked off opening day yesterday in Japan, in an effort to promote camaraderie between North American and Japanese baseball amidst the ever growing popularity of the sport. My team, the Giants, won’t start their first game until next week, but I must admit I breathe a little easier and walk with a little more spring in my step once baseball season begins. So many, many great games to look forward to in the coming months.

So how are you getting pumped up for the season? Maybe you’re not as into baseball as me, but I bet you’ve got some baseball literature or movies you’re into. After all, who doesn’t love The Sandlot?


  1. I'm not a big baseball fan, but I enjoy a live game. Something about that atmosphere. And my movie pick would be Major League, followed closely by Field of Dreams.

  2. I am just not into baseball, Mark. Tennis, football, cricket, these are my games. Baseball is yet to become a part of Indian games.

  3. I'm not a baseball fan, but I will admit Sandlot was a great movie ;) We have a minor league team here in Utah and it's fun to go to the games. I hardly watch any sport on TV; I prefer to be there in person!

  4. I love opening day and baseball...we have a great baseball heritage inmy family...any baseball talent skipped me (but my brothers played in high school and college) but my great-uncle Willard Schmidt played for the Reds and Cards in the 50s and 60s and a scond cousin, Ron Schueler, was a journeyman pitcher and then GM of the White Sox. I blogged before about Willards at the links below.

    Good luck to your team, Mark!

  5. lol I'm so not. Just not into sports much as far as watching goes. I'm more into doing, and the older I get the less I do of that.

  6. I'm similar to Donna--not really into sports. :P

  7. I love attending minor league games! It feels like a family reunion. Favorite bball movie: A League of Their Own.

  8. My husband played college and minor league ball, so yes we are into baseball. Though right now we are a little more focused on our son's little cute!

  9. I liked the film Moneyball - does that count?

  10. Well, my dad is going to take my older son to a Diamondbacks game when we go to Phoenix. Does that count?

  11. Baseball isn't big in Australia, but I do like the sound of those garlic fries...

  12. Alex – That’s okay. Field of Dreams is a good one though.

    Rachna – Yeah, you’ve got cricket so that sort of takes up that element already.

    J.A. – Minor league games are fun too. I think I’ve seen the Salt Lake Bees play.

    Jim – Very rad! What a cool connection. I bet you’re super pumped about the season:)

    Donna – Never too late to start;)

    Eagle – Ditto to Donna’s comment;)

    Susan – Oh, yeah, A League of their Own is a good one too!

    Jessie – Very cool! It’s a great sport for kids and adults alike.

    Sarah – I haven’t seen Moneyball yet, but I do want to.

    Susan – Definitely counts…especially if they root for the Giants at those games;)

    Lynda – Well, even if you come out just for the fries it’s well worth it:)