Thursday, April 5, 2012

Insecure Writer’s Day

I’ve been fortunate enough to have plenty of literary agents read over my manuscript, and although I got plenty of enthusiasm back I didn’t get any “yes, we’ll sign you” answers. In fact, I got several, “we’d be willing to look at this again once you make some large scale changes.” Which sounds okay, I suppose, but puts me in something of a creative limbo.

Some of these suggested changes call for me to eliminate my multiple points-of-view in my story, de-emphasize my male characters, and cut out portions I found interesting while adding segments that don’t really appeal to me as the core of my story. It’s got me doubting myself, since much of what made the story really thrilling for me apparently is what agents don’t consider sellable. It’s put me in a bit of a funk with my manuscript, so I’ve taken a break from it to write other stories in the meantime.    

How do you balance what you find interesting versus what other people like in a story? When do you stick to your guns on a point, and when do you compromise? How do you clear your head and get back to just being you again when putting your creativity onto the page?