Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Professional Edits Done! Critique Partners Wanted!

Many thanks to all of you who gave me great feedback on my query pitch yesterday!

I recently had my entire historical thriller, Caesar’s Revenge, professionally edited. An agent I know recommended his favorite editor to me and the editor liked my work so much that she cut me a discount after she finished! Needless to say, I’m pleased with the changes, but I’m also continuing to put my manuscript under the eyes of trusted Critique Partners. 

If you’re interested in earning some good karma points or just like to read a good story, I’m passing around my first chapter in order to gain more feedback. It’s only 10 pages (double-spaced), and I’m more that happy to reciprocate with any of my fellow authors who need a second pair of eyes on their own opening pages. You can check my previous blog post for a quick blurb on the gist of my historical pirate novel.

If you’re interested, just respond on my blog with your email or email me directly at Thanks!