Monday, February 4, 2013


Well, it was close, but the 49ers still lost. It was a great game to watch, and especially great since I got to watch for the first time with my little boy. He was pretty cool with the game except for the times I shouted excitedly at the TV:)

But on the flip side, I’ve recently gotten some great feedback from you and other readers reviewing the first chapter of my manuscript, Caesar’s Revenge. Many thanks to those who donated their time and helped me sharpen my novel even more. If you wish to learn more, please check out my previous post.   

I’m feeling really good about the state of my new book as I prepare to head off to the San Francisco Writer’s Conference next week. Needless to say, the great/helpful reviews I’m getting for Caesar’s Revenge more than offset my disappointment at the 49ers’ Superbowl defeat. So what’s going your way right now with your own writing? What continues to inspire you?