Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Help Phil Fight

Today I have a guest blog by my friend, Lawrence, who is trying to help a dear friend of his in a time of great need. Please give a few moments of your day to read about his friend Phil and how he needs your help. You can learn more at http://www.helpphilfight.com/ Thank you.

Hi Guys,

Some of you already know, but my friend Phil Chan from McGeorge was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer, after a CT scan this week. Stage 3 survival rates can range from 83% to 44% survival rate.

Phil is in the fight for his life, and unfortunately he lacks the resources to do so. Having just graduated with me from McGeorge, he had passed the Washington State Bar and was looking for employment when he was diagnosed. Additionally, because of his lack of income, he had yet to obtain health insurance, so now he is not only uninsured, but unable to obtain health insurance because he has a "pre-existing condition." His parents will do their best to help, but they also do not have the resources necessary for his complete treatment. On average a person fighting cancer will spend upwards of $250,000 in medical bills, which does not include cost of living and everyday expenses.

These horrible realities have been really hard on me and all of Phil's friends and family. To let you know more about Phil, he is one of the most happy, funny guys I know. Always joking around and smiling he always made me smile. Phil grew up in Hawaii, and I always asked him to teach me how to speak Hawaiian Pidgin and being a fitness freak, he also taught me how to weight lift properly and gave me a fitness regimen. He was also one of the most hardworking students at McGeorge I knew, always in the library and rarely going out to party despite my constant pleading. The thought that such a positive influence in my life is having to battle to save his own is sometimes too much to bear.

I've pledged to help him in any way I can, but he'll need a lot more help. Please take a look at his website and I humbly ask you to donate what you can spare to help my friend Phil. As this is an ongoing effort for him, I may call on your assistance again, but anything will help. I also ask that you keep Phil in your thoughts and prayers and I thank you for supporting a friend of mine whom you probably have never met.


Lawrence Ma



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