Friday, February 19, 2010

Keep Your Eye On The News…

Keep your eyes out for upcoming events! What’s latest in the news? Any interesting developments publicly? Personally? All of this can provide potential fodder for each weekly contest posted on this blog. Contestants now part of my Mardi Gras Mystery-Name Contest this month have already begun pitching new ideas to me that they would like to see in my upcoming short-stories. I’m thrilled by people’s responses thus far, and will share just a couple of choice suggestions with you:

“[Name]’s friend began drunkenly firing off Roman Candles (possibly bangalores) at imaginary German soldiers.” – Jeff Kent

“Unfortunately, it wasn't until after [Name] had already left Chris' office that s/he thought to wonder why s/he would need a can of oil, three roadside flares, and a pound of birdseed for her/his next assignment.” – Mike Micheletti

I thoroughly encourage people to continue sending in suggestions or posting them to the comments section below each blog-post here so that all can see and enjoy. I know that I have enjoyed the laughs as well as the boundless creativity of this group effort so far. Even though I probably can’t use all of these brilliant sentence suggestions as starters for each week’s new short-story I will certainly attempt to incorporate elements of them into each week’s very short (500 word) tale.

I will continue to post every weekday regarding people’s ideas and other interesting stories. Weekends I will take off so that I can actually get the writing done. But that by no means excludes you from continuing to post and share you thoughts then. We already have a diverse crowd of spectators in our midst. Don’t hesitate to make your voice heard. We have authors who write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and memoirs. We have a software engineer, a lawyer, people from biotech…we even have some singer/songwriters and a filmmaker.

The winner of this first week’s contest will appear in a new short-story that I will post up on Monday. Remember, in order enter in the raffle and have a chance at your name being in print as the “hero” of a brand new short-story each week you must register as a follower (see instructions on the previous blog-post). In the meantime, enjoy winding down your well deserved Friday. I’ll be writing this weekend, but if you’re interested in other stories I’m currently promoting, please check out my new civil war novel, The Long Defeat. In the meantime keep your eyes on current events you’d like to see in upcoming short tales and add some of your own creative talents to the collective pot!


  1. Well, you asked for it:

    [Name] woke up to the first light of dawn, with nothing but a mysterious pink leather jacket to provide any hint of what happened last night.

    "I'm sorry you feel that way, [Name], but out here, you're gonna have to get your hands a bit dirty if you want to survive."

    After narrowly avoiding injury in a freak accident with a microwave, [Name] realized they'd seen that exact scenario before - in Mark's latest novel.

    In retrospect, [Name] realized that the comment "It can't get any worse" was asking for trouble, but in all fairness, s/he really couldn't see how it could - until about 10 seconds ago.

  2. I see somebody is good at this:)