Monday, March 7, 2011

Feedback So Far…

Thanks to all of you who’ve given me feedback so far on my colonial novel, The Last Cabin. Your insights and suggestions have proven most useful. In addition, everyone’s attention to detail as well as their earnest feedback has been most appreciated. 

I’m glad that everyone so far seems to have enjoyed the chapter and I’ve received some great praise from each of you. I loved seeing how certain parts or characters seemed to elicit similar responses from readers all across the board. I’ve also gotten some fantastic suggestions regarding ways to improve and ever-sharpen my manuscript to make it the best it possibly can be. 

For those of you still reviewing my first chapter, I very much appreciate it and will eagerly await your feedback as well. The way I see it, the more reviews I can get from all of you the better the novel will be. I’ll keep you all updated as I’m now reviewing the other fourteen chapters with a new critical eye based on the comments I got from all of you in my first chapter. Thanks again to all of you for your time and your inspirational  thoughts!