Monday, February 28, 2011

Take a Simple Survey

Hello passionate readers! If you’re reading this it probably means that I’ve sent you the first chapter of the novel I’m currently working on and I need your help. Below I have a simple questionnaire designed to gauge people’s responses to my current work. 

I’m really looking for honest feedback, so please don’t worry about my feelings. My wife gives me enough positive insights, so I’m really looking for people’s unbiased opinions. If you have more detailed or specific feedback you’d like to provide other than the form below, just email me at Thanks and enjoy the survey below.

Mark’s Simple Survey 

  1. After reading the first chapter you felt…
    1. Ecstatic! You want to read more.
    2. Pleased. It needs work, but the basics are there.
    3. Bored. Only your own snoring kept you awake.

  1. The main characters made you…
    1. Feel like you had stepped right into their shoes.
    2. Feel like they had promise, but seemed two-dimensional.
    3. Feel like you needed a sedative.

  1. Describing the plot in a few words you might say…
    1. It made you fall in love with reading all over again!
    2. Overall you understood it, but it felt a little convoluted.
    3. You gouged your eyes out to stop the pain.

  1. Who if anyone, would you recommend read this book?
    1. Any friend or family member who loves to read.
    2. Only people who really like historical fiction.
    3. People only interested in ritual suicide.



    1. I'm intrigued...
      1. B
      2. A
      3. Something between A&B
      4. B

    2. Wow! I've gotten tons of great feedback from a bunch of you at my email account already. You guys are fast readers and you've provided me with some great insights and suggestions. All of which I will put into action:) For the rest of you, please keep reading as I'd love to gain your insights and feedback as well. Thanks a ton everyone!