Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brian Wilson: The Beard, The Hawk, The Man

I'm not into the whole hero worship thing, and I certainly don't want to give that impression here, but I do think it worthwhile to spotlight someone doing good deeds for the greater good. My favorite San Francisco Giants closer, Brian Wilson, is more often know for his “fear the beard” antics, his mohawk under his cap, and his witty attitude, but he is also a fundraiser for many charitable organizations.

If you haven't seen his personal website, check it out, especially his comic videos as they're sure to put a smile on any Giant fan's face. Yes, he says a lot of crazy things on camera, and yes, I think he's hilarious. In addition to being a quirky character and one heck of an athlete his website also spotlights his efforts to help the community.

The video above that he, Cody Ross, and Lou Seal did with You-Tube sensation/lip-sync kid Keenan Cahill is part of an ongoing effort to raise support for research into the Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome that Keenan has. In addition, Brian supports many other organizations, including everything from encouraging girls to play baseball to supporting San Francisco's local Irish Cultural center (of which I'm a member). So if you've got a few minutes in your day and want to learn about Brian's efforts on behalf of others or you simply need a good chuckle in your day see his site for yourself.


  1. As a Braves fan, I found myself reluctantly liking Brian Wilson. Interesting guy. Good pitcher.

  2. Braves are a good team...I think they play the Giants tonight:)

  3. 1) His beard totally looks fake.
    2) I always just thought that kid was a singing midget.
    3) I think all your heroes are required to be Irish.

  4. The Braves entered the season with high expectations, but have yet to play well.

    So people in Atl are mostly pretending to care about the Hawks and ignoring baseball.