Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Season

Can you smell the changing of the night air? Do you hear the rustling of fallen leaves at your doorstep? Have you seen the harvest moon rising yet?

We’re officially a solid week into my favorite time of year: Fall. And with these autumn nights comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, and a season that invites you to drink warm cider with your friends or eat pumpkin pie with your family while putting up harvest decorations. The Fall season inspires me like no other time of year and I find myself eagerly anticipating it every year as it not only fuels my writing, it also fills me with a certain glee and exhilaration as only Halloween candy and midnight jaunts can provide.

So what’s your favorite time of year? If you enjoy the Fall as I do, what makes it such a special time for you? What are you most looking forward to this autumn? 


  1. Hello Mark:
    As we become older, then it is true to say that we value, as we are certain you do too, all of the seasons for each one brings with it its own special quality which makes it exceedingly difficult to decide on any preference. Autumn is, of course, a lovely time with its glorious colours, cooler days [but not so far this year!] and the wonderful harvesting of all the good things associated with spring and summer.

  2. Fall is my favoarite season, too. I love the sunny, crisp autumn morning and the wind and rain. I don't have many leaves, only pine needles. Those I could go without. : )

  3. My favorite time of the year Mark, is Diwali (the Indian Festival of Lights) which usually comes either October end or November first week.

    Regarding your question on my blog.I always consider a short story like a single slice of a cake while the novel is the entire cake. A short story is just one small incident in a character's life, while a novel is a series of incidents.

  4. Scarfs, mittens, huddling under the covers with books on overcast days, I can go on for ages about why Fall is my favorite season (and not just my birthday).

  5. Living in Florida, seasons all run together. Lol I love the spring time, when the large crickets start showing up.

  6. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. When I was growing up with a birthday in September, Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December what's not to love?

    But even as an adult, I find I look forward to the cooler temperatures, the beautiful changing leaves (gotta love those fall colors), and just the general coziness of the season. When we think of comfort foods, they tend to be foods that fit well this time of year. I think that says it all. It's a cozy time of year.

  7. fall is the best time of year. I love the smell, the leaves, season!

  8. We're still clinging to summer here. Still hot! I like winter. I have a thing for snow and cold weather.

  9. Oh totally agree to allll of the above. Unfortunately, here in the UK, just as the leaves started turning and temperature began to drop - we got struck by a heatwave. I'm BOILING! and its weird to be surrounded by conkers and fruits, whilst not wearing a coat or scarf. I can't run in this heat! *Looks up, waiting for the autumn to come back* Sigh.

  10. Fall is my favorite time of year. :) I love the smell, the cool temperatures, the changing trees, and the holiday season; it's fun to see all the decorations people (and even stores) put up for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  11. I love the fall. The smells, colors, and chill in the air. Love it all. Ooh, and the pumpkin spice lattes. :D

  12. I do love fall. It was my favorite season before we moved. Our summers are so short here, it's beginning to nudge autumn out of the way. I noticed weeks ago as the night sky shifted.

  13. Because I live in Mexico, I love the fall, it's when the weather finally cools down a bit. I don't like the rain during hurricane season but it's better then constant 40 degree (100+ Fahrenheit) weather.

  14. I'm with Freya above. I'm supposed to be in my pajamas with the heating on right now, but SOMEONE didn't get the memo. It's too hot to sleep and all the windows are open. Heck, it doesn't even get this warm in the Summer :-)

  15. I love all the seasons, however, I favour Spring.
    I do love harvest time and the wonderful fruits and vegetables. Enjoy every minute

  16. My favorite time of year, too. For all the same reasons. It's a visual and textural and total sensory feast--especially in New England! ;)

  17. I love the fall. I think it's the beginning of the school year and all the excitement of newness in a time when everything is sort of dying. It's a strange mix. Sort of like chocolate covered pretzels.

  18. Monsoon is the best time....drenching in the rain, festivals and great food.

  19. I love watching the seasons change, tough to pick a favorite.

  20. Fall is my favorite time of year too. I love the colors and the smells. The cool temperatures without the mud from spring or the snow from winter.

  21. Welcome back from your hiatus. I hope you enjoyed it.

  22. Fall is my favorite, too! I love the smells, the crisp bite of the air, apple and pumpkin everything. Even the slightly shorter days. The colors of the changing leaves. And, really, just the sensation of change.

  23. Fall is my favorite time of the year as well, for all the reasons you mentioned. I love the chill in the air, and if I could live in a place that had fall-like temps all year I would definitely go for it. I think fall is inspiring for me as well, I always seem to feel an exhilarating rush this time of year. I'm also a huge football fan, so fall is a lot of fun for me.

    Great post! :)

  24. Autumn is by far my favorite time of year. The slight chill in the air makes me think of roasting marshmellows and drinking hot cocoa by a fire. It also offers the perfect nights to stand outside with my telescope and catch a splendid sight of Jupiter. You should try it. Now if only I could get rid of these allergies, we'd be in business. :)

  25. Jane/Lance – Your comments remind me of Tolstoy where he has a minor character who talks about being in the sunset period of his life;) But many more Falls to enjoy I hope:)

    E.R. Every place has its own special Fall beauty, but so long as you get that giddy feeling all is well.

    Rachna – The Festival of Lights would be cool to see. Thanks for the tip on short-stories. That kind of inspired my short fan fiction this weekend!

    Steph – Yup, I confess my birthday is this time of year as well, but I think I’d love if I wasn’t born this time of year.

    Miranda – The tropics are a bit different. Crickets can be cool, so long as there aren’t too many;)

    Donna – Coziness of the season indeed. Funny how the little things seem to matter the most:)

    Kelley – Yup, football to, although it saddens me to have baseball ending.

    Alex – It’s funny, but a lot of people are staying the same thing…that it’s still warm where they are. Oddly, similar here too.

    Freya – Well, best enjoy the heat while you can because it’ll be plenty cold for long while afterwards:)

    Eagle – Fall is def a feast for the senses, and who doesn’t love Thanksgiving and the Christmas season to follow:)

    L.G. – Yes, Starbucks has become part of the season as well;)

    M Pax – The sky does change, but that can be neat too.

    Clarissa – Hurricanes do alter the Fall in some places I bet. Wishing you a mild autumn;)

    Sarah – In California we call that Indian Summer, the warm push right before the real Fall weather. Enjoy it while it lasts;)

    Helen – Spring can be nice, but I do love the harvest season:)

    Jayne – I envy you, New England is the best for Fall!

    Christa – Chocolate covered pretzels indeed…pumpkin chocolate covered pretzels;)

    Anu – Monsoons weren’t quite what I had in mind, but I see your point;)

    Munk – Indeed, they’re all great. I just love riding the high from summer into the autumn and winter holidays.

    Krista – Yes, anything pre-mud season is a def plus.

    McKenzie – Thanks!

    Shannon – Can’t get enough apples and pumpkins! Funny how such little things make the season so great:)

    Julie – Def an inspiring time of the year and one time where cooler temperatures are even welcome:)

    Laila – I like stargazing myself, and Jupiter can get pretty big. Is that typical for this time of year?

  26. Fall is my favorite time of the year too. The foliage, the crisp weather, the much to love about it!