Monday, October 3, 2011

Fan Fiction

Ever like a story so much you wish you could walk around in it? Maybe you’ve wished to journey to Middle Earth or see what the planets are like in Star Wars? Not to be a specific character, but to be yourself only living in a fictional universe?

I’ve been having a bit of fun writing short fan fiction pieces for my friends lately where I insert a few of them into a world of their choice, i.e. Star Trek or A Game of Thrones and put them on a little adventure. It’s all silly and nonsense really, but I’ve found that it’s a lot of fun and the best way to get myself a passport to visit the Shire or ride on the Enterprise. Fan fiction totally isn’t my norm, but it’s been a kind of fun experiment over the past week.

So have any of you tried your hand at fan fiction? What imagined worlds would you like to vacation in if you could? Anyone you’d like to bring along with you?


  1. Hello Mark:
    We should probably start at Forster's 'Howard's End' , moving along into a Molly Keane Georgian mansion, but as for where we would end up, we cannot say as there are so many wonderful places of fiction to be transported into.

  2. I took a stab at fan fiction once. In the form of a screenplay. I was disappointed with a movie I was really looking forward to, so I wrote an alternate beginning. "Great first try at screenwriting," some said.

    I'm game for walking around Middle-Earth myself. :)

  3. I've generally avoided fan fiction, but I was really tempted after reading Divergent. I just wanted so much more and I still have to wait 7 months. Anyway I think it's a good exercise though to develop your writing. Then you know what you really like to write about :)

  4. I've read some awesome fanfiction but I could never write it. Something about not having total control over the character pulls at my I need to be in total control um habit. Not going to say obsession because I've learned to let stuff go (like thinking about the other drivers ability to drive while on the highway).

  5. I don't do fan fiction (come to think of it, I haven't even read any), but I have taken fairy tales and rewritten them with my own characters. Not quite the same thing, but again it's just for fun. Nothing I would show anyone.

  6. No, I've never written fanfiction. I struggle enough coming up with my own stuff!

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  8. I tend to walk around in my own fictional world.

    LG-I wanna be in one of your fairy tales...

    Hopefully this comment posts...

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  9. AARRGGHH! both posted. Liked the second one better, killed the first.

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  10. I never thought about doing fan fiction, it sounds intriguing.

    Those are hard questions; I guess I attach myself to characters more than the environment… I guess star wars, or star trek would be nice worlds visit.

  11. I've never tried writing fan fiction--though I wouldn't mind visiting a few worlds myself. :)

  12. I've never written any fan fiction, but my daughter has written some awesome Batman stories involving some of the lesser known characters.

  13. I tried fan fic once but found I enjoyed doing fan art more. Hehehe.

  14. Ummm... I might have done some Star Trek fanfic at one point. It was really fun!

  15. I've never actually wanted to write fanfiction, but I HAVE fantasized about others writing fanfiction about my stuff!

    And, of course, I have read some fanfic. Who doesn't want more Ron and Hermione, Carlisle and Esme?

    I'm sure your friends LOVE your stuff!

  16. I've never written any, and only read a handful, but I can definitely see the appeal. There are a lot of worlds I'd love to live in for a while :) Well, I guess I should clarify that I've never written any down...plenty of fan fiction going on in my head LOL

  17. I've read some great fanfiction - I particularly enjoyed some of the old Buffy stuff - but I've never tried writing it. Clearly, I have control issues. If there's any world building that needs to be done, I'll do it. :)

  18. Jane/Lance – Very interesting choices. I’m guessing you’re Jane Austen fans too, huh?

    J.A. – Hmm, definitely an interesting idea for people waiting between books ina series…make up your own to pass the time Very neat!

    Steph – You raise an intriguing concept of control, because I notice that may writers shy away from fan fiction for that very reason, whereas lots of newbie writers will try fan fiction as they’re not as concerned about controlling the fictional universe.

    L.G. - I like the fairy tale concept. In a way it’s loosely a form of fan fiction as well… of course so is ancient Greek drama by that definition;)

    Alex – Lol!

    Munk – No worries:) It’s fun to wander about in one’s own fictional world.

    Jeff – Star Wars and Star Trek def rock.

    Eagle – Give it a try, you might like it:)

    Sarah – That’s really cool! In some ways I think fan fiction is the way a lot of kids first explore writing.

    Lynda – Ooh, what kind of fan art have you done?

    Stephanie – I bet you made a cool Trekkie;)

    Leigh Ann – Harry Potter is def a universe worth wandering around in. Perhaps others will sometime write fan fiction about your stuff as well:)

    Michelle – Fan fiction in your head is the best. In a way I consider writing merely an extension of the playing we engage in as children.

    V. R. – Buffy fan fiction…sounds cool. So long as you’re a fan of your own stuff, that helps too:)

  19. i wrote an episode of seinfeld once. does that count?

  20. My first full-length 'novel' was fanfiction, and I'm nearing the end of the 'sequel', although my commercial writing is getting in the way of my completing it at the moment. Both are based in the world of D&D's Forgotten Realms, inspired by the video game Neverwinter Nights 2 (am I showing my geekiness here?).

    I think writing fanfiction is a great way to dip your pen into the world of writing. The worlds have been created, the characters are there for you to use as you see just supply the story you want to tell. A great starting point for beginning writers practising their art, and you get the most helpful feedback from fanfiction fans! So much so, I still keep in touch with some of them even now!

  21. E - Sure it counts:)

    J.C - Wow! How did you get into that line of work in the first place. Sounds really cool to do fan fiction like that!