Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Advantages of Flash Fiction

Have you ever tried Flash Fiction? Do you like to read stories of less than a 1,000 words on your phone? Maybe you enjoy writing something that can be tackled in a single afternoon?

I recently started getting into Flash Fiction more and have found that it’s improved my writing over all. The great advantage I’ve found to Flash Fiction is that it requires a writer to use a strict economy of language, and only allows the use of words that absolutely have to be in the narrative. All other superfluous material must be removed in order to literally make the story less than a 1,000 words. Reading Flash Fiction also fits easily into your day because you can read a story in a few minutes, whether on your morning commute or waiting at the doctor’s office.

So what types of super-short-stories do you like to read or write? Any examples of really great Flash Fiction authors you enjoy on the web?  

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