Thursday, February 6, 2014

Net Neutrality and Saving the Internet

Do you enjoy blogging and connecting with other online authors? Do you like finding content online posted by everyday citizens like you and me? Then you’re probably in favor of Net Neutrality.

I recently signed a petition along with a million other internet users to urge the government to preserve Net Neutrality, which is in danger of being overrun and potentially altering the landscape of the internet forever. You can learn about the details of Net Neutrality here, and there are lots of places online where you can sign a petition regardless of party or affiliation. The internet should be about the freedom to share quality content, not go to the highest bidder with the deepest pocketbooks.

I know many of my fellow bloggers share these sentiments, especially since the searchability of our own content will be directly affected by whether or not Net Neutrality is respected in law and in practice. So please take 60 seconds out of your day to sign a petition to congress and the president, either on, Senator Franken’s website, or any of the many other petitions available online. Support Net Neutrality and help keep the internet free!

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