Friday, April 11, 2014

New Manuscript Done!

Whew! Just finished another 100,000 word historical thriller entitled Between Two Fires. It took about four months to write, and rewrite, and rewrite. I just finished my initial revisions and have it out with beta readers. Below is a brief blurb on my upcoming book:

Saxon barbarians threaten to destroy the last free kingdoms of Medieval Wales. Princess Branwen becomes Wales’ last hope to unite the divided kingdoms when her father betroths her to a powerful Welsh warlord, the Hammer King. But this fledgling alliance is fraught with enemies from within and without as Branwen herself becomes the target of assassinations and courtly intrigue. A young woman in a world of fierce warriors, she seeks to assert her own authority and preserve Wales against the barbarians, but when she falls for a young hedge knight named Artagan her world threatens to tear itself apart. Caught between her duty to her people and her love of a man she cannot have, Branwen must choose whether to preserve the shaky alliance her marriage has forged or to follow her heart. Somehow she must save her people and yet remain true to herself, before Saxon invaders and a mysterious traitor in her midst try to destroy her first.  

What do you think? Anymore interested beta readers? I do reciprocateJ  

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