Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We live on the brink of a new space age. A new era in which cheap, reusable, powerful rocket systems will make spaceflight cheap enough not only for governments, but businesses, and private citizens. I’m talking, of course, about SpaceX.

SpaceX launched its new Falcon rocket successfully to the International Space Station this weekend. A privately funded company with NASA contracts, it was started by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in California, and is now responsible for all NASA cargo shipments into space. Its next generation Falcon Heavy rocket (scheduled to launch next year) will be more powerful than the Saturn 5, and can send payloads in orbit, the Moon, and even to Mars. On top of it all, they can do it cheaper and more efficiently than any current space program. Learn more about this unique company here.

So when do you plan to make your first space flight? At about $15 million a seat, people like me will need to save up for a long time, but at least there’s always the lottery. Where would you fly to if you could…Earth Orbit, the Moon, or Mars?  

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