Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I recently wrote a new historical fiction piece about a young Norse warrior-woman entitled Shieldmaiden. After some awesome feedback from my beta readers, I’ve sent off the manuscript to my agent who is eagerly reading it now. Below is a brief blurb about the book. Let me know what you think!

Sonja, daughter of Hama, was born a commoner, but aspires to be more than a wife to some fisherman or herder. She wants to be a shieldmaiden, a Norse warrior-woman, free to come and go as she chooses without the need for a husband or father lording it over her. But when she joins an expedition of Rus Vikings journeying deep into the wild hinterlands, she soon finds out that being a shieldmaiden is more than she bargained for. Treacherous Wildlings, monstrous beasts, and rival Vikings provide new terrors at every bend in the river. But Sonja is determined to make her mark as a shieldmaiden, and to win respect and honor with a ship full of Vikings as courageous as they are dangerous. She hopes to make it to the fabled Kingdom of Kiev deep in the wilds, where the Viking Queen there is known to keep shieldmaidens in her royal household. But with so many leagues of trackless river and forest between her and her destiny, Sonja may soon face death both from without and within as her crew sails into the perilous unknown.


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