Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Kidnapping of Simon Ostrovsky

Last year when Russia invaded Ukraine, I started following the online videos of this great journalist, Simon Ostrovsky (an American born in Soviet Russia, both fluent and knowledgeable about the region). He often speaks to both sides of the conflict, getting himself and his cameras in places other Western Media have great difficulty doing. I really like his straightforward questions and his ability to get answers from people on opposing sides.

When I watched his online videos last year, I was surprised when he suddenly went missing for several days. No one could find him and many feared the worst. It turns out he was taken prisoner by the Pro-Russian rebels and was beaten and interrogated. Yet he did not break in the face of such inhuman injustice and was later released only to return to covering the story in Ukraine despite the danger to his life.

I find it truly inspiring to see someone fighting for truth and making such an effort to show both sides of the story in the ongoing propaganda war. If you have a chance, watch the interview about his experiences or some of his videos and judge for yourself. 

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