Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Theory of Everything

I’ve always liked String Theory and lately I’ve been quite taken with the concept of Rainbow Gravity as well. No, I’m not talking about ponies and colors; I’m talking about theory of the universe and what it’s all about. The really funny thing is that these scientific concepts in many ways rehash very ancient religious and philosophical doctrines.

For instance, String Theory (in a highly generalized nutshell) proposes that all matter consists of strings that vibrate at different frequencies, thus producing different things, i.e. vibrate one way to make a certain atom, vibrate another thousand ways to make up the matter in a dog or human. In essence, the entire universe is literally a symphonic masterpiece, and everything in it a note of a larger melody. This is strikingly similar to the medieval concept of the Celestial Spheres, which posited that all creation was essentially God’s music.

On top of that, Rainbow Gravity asserts that the universe didn’t originate with any Big Bang, but instead literally always existed and will always exist. The universe may be cyclical, but it is definitely eternal. This concept almost seems like it comes directly out of a page of the oldest Hindu religious texts. I know, lots of big concepts, but I love this stuff and how the art of science mirrors more and more some of the oldest spiritual concepts. Food for thought…J

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