Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Grape Are You?

I like my wine (which is convenient since I live in California), and over the years I’ve sort of come up with a half-baked theory about what I call the Wine Zodiac. Basically, everybody who enjoys wine tends to have a favorite type. They may like lots of different wines, but there are certain vintages, or rather certain strains of grape specifically, that generate the taste they like. And I think this says something about who they are.

Obviously, this is a bit tongue and cheek, but check out some of my ideas below. It’s not fully fledged yet, but see where you fit into the schema of grapevines.

1.       Cabernet SauvignonAdventurous, these are partiers, they know how to live and party hard, rugged, but are also the most likely to get hangovers. They’re all accepting, have lots of friends, get along with others easily, and are the opposite of picky.
2.       Zinfandel Artisans, these people are good with their hands, whether it’s building a house or raising children, many of their abilities (like their drinking) begins slow and steady, but they can probably outpace anyone when it comes to endurance.
3.       Pinot NoirDiscerning, picky, they have good taste, but they know it, which can sometimes lead to arrogance. They enjoy high art. If they had a soundtrack to their lives it would be in jazz.
4.       Sangiovese (includes Chianti and Brunello) – Passionate, rugged, a bit of a bandit when they get into wine, sort of like a Robin Hood character. They like Sangiovese because it has “bite.” Really good music makes these people tear up.
5.       Malbec – Spicy, dancers, they have a flair for life. They have good appetites, but are often fit too. You rarely encounter an overweight Malbec person. They deeply enjoy traveling.

Of course I haven’t addressed every grape yet (and only Reds so far), but I think it’s a start. What kind of grape are you? 

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