Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Remembering 7/7 Ten Years Later

Time flies. Ten years ago today I was on a train into London, getting ready to take the Tube when terrorists blew up three stations and a bus inside the city. I’d been backpacking through Europe for weeks, had used those same underground stops frequently, and narrowly missed the explosions myself. I was actually on the only train allowed through the Chunnel to Waterloo Station after the bombs went off that day.

Needless to say, I won’t forget that day nor will anyone else in London. Those tragic events and experiences inspired my first published short-story “London Bound,” which I humbly dedicated to those who lost their lives that day. I’m very thankful for all the goodness that’s come into my life in the last ten years, and am reminded of how easily life can change in an instant.

However, despite the horrors and atrocities of that July 7th, I prefer to remember how such a tragedy also brought out the best in people. I will always fondly remember the courageous people of London who are living proof that even on the darkest of days, people will always stand up for what is right and good in this world. 

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