Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Carnival of Animals

Hey, everyone! My friend, fellow author, and blogger, Elizabeth Varadan, has recently published her latest collection of children’s stories entitled The Carnival of Animals. It came out on October 4th with Belanger Books. Check it out!


Once upon a musical score, Camille Saint-Saëns was stumped. He was composing a piece of music to entertain his friends. An idea twinkled in his mind. A musical fantasy. Animals in a parade. A tune beckoned. Camille inked in some quarter notes. The melody slipped away. I must let this idea bloom, Camille thought. He sat in the stuffed chair by the door and closed his eyes. Music and pictures swirled in his head: A tortoise waltzed. A peacock called. A lion stomped into a forest. Soon Camille was fast asleep. He dreamed of animals in the zoo. He dreamed of animals far away. Once upon a time, he dreamed…

The Carnival of the Animals, is available on Amazon.

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