Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting the Band Back Together


This weekend I jammed for the first time in a long while with my good friend and former bass player of my old college garage band. Seeing as I cleaned out the garage in my house for the first time in a while it seemed like a good excuse to get the band back together. We’ve come a long way from teenagers toying with rock star fantasies, and now play for fun and for the thrill of making music together.

Although songwriting and crafting a novel may not necessarily seem like the same thing, I do feel that they are related. Most of my creative endeavors go straight into writing books nowadays, but I feel it’s important to always keep as many facets of art in one’s life as possible. Much of the material we play comes from what we wrote in college rather than now, but it’s the continued act of collaborating together that makes music a nice addition to the other passions in my life.

Right now my bass player and I are attempting to convince our awesome drummer to buy a new set again and setup shop in my garage. After all, just because we had to “grow-up” and get jobs doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun. Aside from this core trio of our group, we’ve also had some great instrumentalists come and go over the years, especially a good guitarist friend of ours living down in L.A. right now. Although I write with the pen/computer more now than a guitar, my Fender Stratocaster and my bass player’s Danelectro still offer a creative outlet in which to expand our mind and enrich our lives. Who knows, maybe someday (in its own way), playing in a band will be something worth writing about in a story.