Wednesday, November 3, 2010

World Series Champs!

Well, it finally happened! The San Francisco Giants won the World Series. The partying in and around the Bay Area has been relatively non-stop as the team begins their parade through the city today. 

My wife and I enjoyed watching my favorite player, Brian Wilson, pitch the last strikeout of the game, clinching it for the Giants. Our neighborhood promptly erupted in shouts of joy and fireworks. We drove to a nearby pub to meet up with friends where along the way everyone honked their horns and came outside as the entire city and environs commenced with the celebrations. 

People in the Marina stopped traffic and stood on buses and the cops didn’t even mind. It’s been a heck of a year and a heck of a season, and I’m just glad I was here to see it. And yes, I finally shaved (but not until after we won).