Monday, November 8, 2010

Non-Fiction November

Along with NanoWriMo, November is also known as Non-Fiction month. This month, non-fiction writers are encouraged to strut their stuff regarding their favorite topics and/or subjects of most expertise. Although I’m primarily a fiction writer myself, I do like to spotlight this unusual aspect of November when great non-fiction contests and publications flood the scene.  

So, if you find yourself as a budding writer and may have found fiction not quite your thing, try out some non-fiction this month. In the publishing world, nothing comes easy, but writers of non-fiction do have slightly better odds at getting published and with such a wide variety of real life material to choose from the genre only grows more fascinating by the day. Everything from history to biography to science counts as but a few of the wide range of subjects from which to choose.

Writing non-fiction can also be a good career move. If you work in academia, publishing non-fiction can often be a requirement and a means of not only gaining prestige, but also securing better teaching opportunities.  Some of my favorite non-fiction books were written by professors I had in college. So, even if you don’t write some non-fiction this month I suggest you find some to read, and experience just a taste of what’s out there.

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  1. I'm thinking of trying non-fiction works from early America, maybe like Ben Franklin and Tom Jefferson stuff to read...we'll see...