Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day Books

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and along with wishing friends and family who are vets a happy day I of course also thought about books. Namely, great literature written by veterans. Writers like O’Brien, Remarque, Sassoon, and Owen. Great stories inspired by real events.

But I also thought about other different veteran books, such as Tolkien. In his Middle Earth fantasy, dark places like Mordor were definitely influenced by his experiences in the trenches during World War One. Other writers, who weren’t necessarily veterans, but war correspondents, also provide some great Vets Day reading. Authors like Hemingway, Dos Passos, and Crane. But I’m sure I’m forgetting plenty of others.

Since I’ve read all of these authors, I’m curious to know which Vet books you like to read. I’m always looking for ways to expand my reading and if anyone thinks of a great Veterans Day book I haven’t thought of you get a prize. Not sure what yet exactly…probably lots of good karma points. Anyhow, have a great weekend! 

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