Friday, February 25, 2011

With or Without You

I listened to U2 this morning on my way to work and it feels lately like the “With or Without You” song applies to my continued editing efforts. I say this with a smile of course. All my writing endeavors have gone great, but the editing is a serious time drain.

I'm simultaneously doing double edits/rewrites for both my colonial story, The Last Cabin, and my civil war novel, The Long Defeat. A few weeks ago I thought I was done, but not so. It's going well, and I really feel that I'm improving both stories drastically. Every day I gain a new respect for what intensive rewrites can do for a manuscript.

On the flip side, it means more and more hours typing away. So if my blog posts seems a bit more scattered than usual, please know that it's all in the name of improving my writing. Nonetheless, I'm still dedicated to my blog and hope to have some more intriguing posts for you early next week. Have a great weekend!