Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Borders Closing

No, I’m not talking about politics here. Instead, the bookshop chain Borders will be closing its doors as it files for bankruptcy. Nationwide, Borders stores have begun clearing house sales.

This holds a somewhat bittersweet edge for booklovers out there, as it does provide some great clearance deals with regards to purchasing books, but it also means one less place to go to get your book fix.  The big question remains: how long other chains like Barnes and Nobles or independent bookstores can hold out in the ever fluctuation book market?

I suppose the uncertainty of the future of books seems to have people the most worried. More and more online content provides a cheap means of getting a book fix and sites like Amazon.com have done quite well. Does this mean the end of paperbacks? Will we all be using electronic pads to read, i.e. like Star Trek or something? Probably.  Although a true book lover can’t ever give up the smell and touch of a paper-made book.  Nonetheless, we’re definitely witnessing a revolution in terms of print, the likes of which will probably rival the alterations of the printing press centuries ago. Who knows what other changes we’ll see before this generation is out.   


  1. I can't imagine an electronic pad replacing the wonderful tactile and sensory experience of reading a real book. Part of the thrill of reading from a book is the knowledge that what you read is impermanent, and it can only live on so long as you keep it in your memory. Hello, Farenhite 451 anyone?

  2. Nice Ray Bradbury reference! That's a groovy way to think about it:)