Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beginning and End of a Query

Have you read all the books on querying you could find on the shelves? Maybe you’ve visited all the top blog sites regarding how to make a query? Even after submitting a few, do you ever doubt the effectiveness of the query you’ve created?

I feel pretty good about the meat of my query, but I’m a little doubtful on the intro and ending.  I’ve done queries before, but I always feel that it’s not my strong suit. Nonetheless, I’ve written and rewritten it as well as having it critiqued, but it’s not so much the style as the format the concerns me now.

Do you feel it’s better to go straight into the story or do you prefer to start with an opening line regarding the agent you’re querying? What have you found successful or not in your own queries before? If you were an agent, what would your preference be?