Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Writer’s Organizations

What exactly is a writer’s organization? Where are they and what are they all about? Should I join one or not?

Technically, almost anything can be considered a writer’s org, from reading groups to people running conferences, but what I’m focusing on here deals more with the types of associates listed here. I’m pretty much a novice myself at navigating the spectrum of writer’s organizations, although I’m sure plenty of you belong or have belonged to one at some point. Although a writer’s craft can be a solitary one, when it comes to getting good feedback and really promoting your work in the open marketplace, being a writer is anything but solitary.

So what are your thoughts and experiences regarding writer’s orgs? Are they worthwhile endeavors for burgeoning authors? Do you belong to any writer’s organizations?


  1. I belong to the League of Utah writers and I LOVE going to the meetings every month! It really helps me to connect to other writers and hear their ideas in a free forum.

  2. Sorry, don't belong to any, so no help here.

  3. I don't belong to any either. It looks good in your bio though. Good luck. :)

  4. Not being a writer I don't belong to any but I do belong to scientific organizations. I don't do it so as to list it on my CV rather more for inviting communication and interaction. It is hard to work in an isolated bubble. I rely on critique and often get new ideas when I am in meetings. I would recommend finding a good group that is genuinely fond of this craft and interested in improvement. Good luck! : )

  5. Hello Mark:
    From our own experience we have, of course, only written and had published non fiction [and have never joined any kind of writers' organization] which is, possibly, something very different from what you are considering here.

    However, we are fortunate to count among our close friends many published authors and, as far as we can recall, there has never been any talk of their 'belonging' to anything of the kind outlined in your link. A good agent, maybe, the rest is very much up to the individual.

  6. I think it's another good community for writers to join IF they're willing to pull their own weight. It's not so much about finding other people to critique your work, but about the reciprocal aspect. Give and take is the only way to have a successful writer's group.

  7. I'm a member of two local writing groups. Each one sponsors an annual conference and offers monthly writing workshops (included with the membership dues). One of them also organizes critique groups. It's nice to feel a part of something and be in the loop. Met a lot of new writer friends this way.

  8. Hi Mark

    Not being a writer,I do not belong to a writer's organization. As an artist I belong the three member "plein aire cottge artists" We are three good friends who exhibit together and work jointly on triptychs. I have been invited to be a member of the 'Arts and Letters club" Toronto which is a big honour. I declined as it would take time away from painting time and there are obligations when one belongs.
    What would the benefits be if you belong?

    Helen Tilston

  9. I belong to my regional writing group and they are rally great with letting me know about competitions and festivals. I'll be attending one of their festivals in a couple of weeks too. Great for networking.

  10. I don't belong to any writer organizations--I'm not even sure if there are any around here, though I'll bet there's at least one . . .

  11. I've met a lot of wonderful authors through organizations and writers groups in the area.

  12. I'd like to join some, but the best way to join is to meet people who are already members. You could see the problem.

  13. J.A. – Sounds like a pretty big group. It’s nice to find so many writers out there to converse with…in person no less:)

    Alex – Same here;)

    Laila – Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that.

    LittleJeans – Good point about how it shows a diversity of thought belonging to groups. I have crit partners, but none of us belong to any specific group:)

    Jane/Lance – Interesting perspective. Thanks for the info not only from your experience, but those of your friends:)

    E.R. – Definitely. Whether a community of two or two dozen everyone must reciprocate. Plus it’s just good karma:)

    L.G. – Wow, that sounds amazing! Wish I had something like that nearby.

    Helen – I can see how essential that collaboration is important when showcasing art. For myself, I just want to make sure I’m not missing out on opportunities to connect with other writers/artists:)

    Lynda – That’s def a benefit, hearing about events along the grapevine of your group.

    Eagle – Ditto, kind of in the same boat.

    Miranda – Very cool! Hope I can do the same:)

    McKenzie – Kind of like Fight Club;) No talks about it outside the group.

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