Friday, October 7, 2011

National Book Month

October is National Book month! So what does that mean for book-lovers like you and I? How does one celebrate national book month exactly?

There are tons of ways to honor your love of books, like going to the library, teaching children to read, donating older books, and of course, reading! My wife and I usually like to pick out a classic we both love and spend a few nights reading aloud to one another. I also like to reinvestigate favorite Halloween and Holiday themed stories that go with the season.

So how will you celebrate National Book month this October? Have any old traditions or new traditions you’re thinking of following? Come on, it’s books…go wild.   


  1. I had no idea October was national book month! Looks like I found my excuse to reread some of my favorite books.

  2. I had no idea! I just read, I guess. And pimp other people's book. =D

  3. Arh that's so sweet that you read to each other. I love reading out loud, the words seem to come alive. Shame my husband isn't that interested in it. Maybe if I read out loud the book he is reading now... I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on. : )
    That would be a cool thing to get out of National Book month.

  4. There are still so many classics I haven't read yet. I like to pick one about every ten books I read just to prevent total literary ignorance. :)

    How sweet that you and your wife read aloud to each other.

  5. I didn't know this month was National Book Month! I'm participating in my first (online) book challenge starting October 18th--does that count? :)

  6. Last year I celebrated with a book release.
    Didn't know it was National Book Month - thanks for the heads up.
    And you asked about my cover - my publisher's illustrator created it.

  7. Thanks for the reminder about donating books. I've got another pile to go to the library.

    I think I'll celebrate national book month by seeing if I can finish my first draft by the end of it :-)

  8. Ah, I love books, love reading them, holding them, flipping the pages, even the digital ones. At times, I even enjoy writing them. :) Not a day passes when I don't walk into my library (seemed more practical than having a living room) and smile.

    My traditions are geared more toward the season than National Book Week, however. For October I'm focused on ghost stories: Susan Hill, the newest by Chris Bojalian, and for a classic touch some rereading of E.A. Poe.

  9. I am finally getting to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I don't know what took so long. And we've instituted a "no electronics" moratorium in the house after 8pm. Kids are reading books at bedtime again! :D

  10. Well, we will have the tree of course and the three-layer Jello, but have decided against the virgin sacrifice this year.

  11. Word verification:Glooke
    (one of my all time favorites)

  12. Steph – Always good to have an excuse for that!

    Donna – Pimping other people’s books is cool:)

    Freya – Good luck, hope that works out for you.

    L.G. – Yup, there’s a lot to read, but reading to each other is definitely fun.

    Eagle – Sure, book challenges count!

    Alex – Well, that’s def the way to celebrate. A goal, I’d like to set myself:)

    Sarah – No prob. I just donated a bunch of book this weekend myself.

    VR – Ooo, ghost stories are a great way to go. Props to you for going to the library everyday:)

    Jayne – he’s def great! I like your idea of having no electronics going at certain times, sounds cool.

    Munk – Conservative, but okay;) Sounds groovy:)

  13. I will just continue to write and read and enjoy! I'm hoping to try at least four new authors this month. So far, I've read two new authors!

  14. I'm going on a marathon library reading stint because my library now has an app where I just type in titles and they ping me when they are ready for me to pick up. YES!!!!