Monday, October 24, 2011

The Conspirator Review

With the advent of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War Hollywood has begun releasing more Civil War-era films. I recently watched Robert Redford’s Civil War film The Conspirator which focuses on the days after President Lincoln’s assassination, starring James McAvoy and Robin Wright. Portions of it felt almost like a blend of documentary and drama, but what I liked in particular was the film’s attention to detail regarding period dress, patterns of speech, and contemporary attitudes of the time.

As a writer of historical fiction, particularly Civil War fiction, I’m always interested to see popular Civil War films such as Cold Mountain, Gettysburg, and Gone with the Wind. Overall, I’d say that Robert Redford does a decent job in directing The Conspirator and I’d probably give him four out of five stars. You can rent it or Redbox it today.

So what types of films have you seen in the last year or two that relate to your genre of writing? Do you find the latest Hollywood depictions encouraging or just a lot of hype? What types of historical movies would you like to see produced on the big screen?