Friday, October 28, 2011

Funny Friday

Ever notice that the future never quite turned out the way we expected it in the movies? Remember glimpses of the years to come in the second Back to the Future movie or even the old Star Trek predictions about the early 21st century? Even literature like H.G. Well’s Time Machine tried to foretell the future, so why were they so off?

I still remember teachers and adults telling me in preschool that I’d be driving flying cars when I grew up. Of course all those Nostradamus-esk end of the world predictions thankfully never came true either. So maybe it’s a good thing we humans can’t see into the days to come.

What films or books do you remember from growing up that set your imagination going about the future? Did you envision a different world from what we see today? Or perhaps in a lot of unexpected ways the future turned out more incredible than we could have imagined?