Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Makes Your Writing Unique?

How does your writing differ from everyone else’s out there? What special experiences or credentials do you bring to the table? What portions of yourself do you put into the writing itself?

I’m always interested in what makes people tick and what makes their writing tick. My current novel is based on the American Civil War, and although I have multiple degrees in History and English, I feel that my travels to various regions and my participation as a reenactor has given me a perspective that allows me to add a unique touch to my work. I always want to know the details you can’t find in other books, i.e. what a place really smells like and how the dawn after a cold night in a tent makes you feel.

So what experiences have shaped your work-in-progress? Do you go looking for these influences or do they just find you? In other words, what makes your writing unique?