Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Stories

Would it still be the holidays without Scrooge and Rudolf? What’s in a story about a Grinch or a kid with a BB gun that seems so appealing during Christmastime? And how does It’s a Wonderful Life keep us coming back for more every year even though we all know exactly how it will end and begin?

We finally put up our fresh, green Christmas tree and have all our lights up, and sure enough the holiday movies are on T.V. I’m surprised (pleasantly so) that Harry Potter films have become a fixture of the holidays as well now too. Between familiar songs, movies, and books it all adds to the warmth of the holiday season.

So what are some of your favorite holiday stories? What movies, songs, or books do you enjoy sharing with family and friends every holiday season? Do you find yourself enjoying these familiar stories anew or do you also associate it with pleasant memories of Christmases past?