Thursday, December 15, 2011

How Has the Internet Altered Your Reading Habits?

Ordering lots of gifts online this year for Christmas? Maybe even purchasing a Nook or Kindle? Or perhaps you already found a favorite book online and just peruse it on your computer in PDF?

I especially love reading during this time of year and although I often prefer a good library book or even the occasional store bought paperback I find myself reading more and more content online. No need for an encyclopedia when I’ve got Wikipedia, and lets me read the first pages of so many books that I can decide what I want to read long before I go to the store. In places like Japan short “cell phone” stories have gotten so popular that lots of people read these on their way to work.

So how has the internet changed the way you read? Have you formed new reading habits you didn’t have before? Or perhaps you like to keep a mix of older hardbacks alongside your new tablet on your shelves at home?


  1. Hello Mark:
    No Kindle for us and we have no idea what a Nook is other than a cosy corner by a fire. The Internet has certainly changed the way in which we find information but we doubt that we shall ever be removed from holding the printed page when it comes to a love of reading.

  2. I have all the reading apps on my phone and I love being able to pull out a book wherever I go!

  3. I used to always buy hardcovers rather than paperbacks and still have a nice collection. However, since acquiring my iPad, I read exclusively on it now. The ability to increase the font size is great for tired eyes and I don't have to store a bunch of new books. I was already an iTunes junkie, so the transition to eBooks was easy for me.

  4. Well, I speed read on the internet and take my time on the printed page. Tine constraints and such. Plus ereading isn't nice to my eyes. Had to buy a special pair of computer glasses so I won't go blind. :)

  5. Don't have an e-reader yet (I think one is coming in about ten days), so I anticipate my habits may change soon. I've always preferred paper, but I could see that changing, if the device is as good as everyone says it is.

  6. No e-reader as yet but I do read quite a few book in pdf and epub...I am still in love with paperbacks and reading on the desktop/laptop doesn't quite match that experience....maybe an i-pad or Kindle will change that a little, not much.

  7. I've had my Kindle Fire for a couple of weeks now. Love it! It's definitely changing the way I read.

  8. I hate crowds. I used to begin my shopping really early so I could be done before Thanksgiving. Now I rarely have to visit a store. I work for local government and I know how important sales tax revenues are to providing services, so if I can find something for my Nook, I'll shop with B&N over amazon, so they can withhold taxes. Yes, you heard that right. You pay taxes if there's a bricks and mortar store. Amazon doesn't have those, so none those revenues that used to go out to your city to support fire, police, etc. doesn't come anymore.

  9. I used to use a dictionary/encyclopedia all the time, and now I just search the web for everything. As for books, that hasn't really changed; I've read a few e-books but I don't have an e-reader. And I prefer physical copies, since I like having something I can hold.

  10. I don't have a tablet, and I don't particularly want one. But no doubt I'll end up with one eventually! I've got a lot of paper books!

  11. I still purchase books for the keeper books, but all else is Kindle for me. I have a book shelf of hardback books that are my treasures. There is something about holding those in my hands.

  12. Neat blog!

    I really prefer the idea of having physical books that you can actually hold and put on a bookshelf. I'll probably succumb to the pressure of e-books and buy a Kindle one day. But for now, all of my books are either paperback or hardback. However, I do use the internet to order my books (on sites like and

    I'm a new follower! :)

  13. I do both. I have my Nook which I bring with me on business trips. If I'm reading around the house I usually try to read a hard copy. I don't think I'll ever be able to give up holding an actual book.

  14. Internet has definitely changed my reading habits. I am buying a lot of books online and reading many on Kindle which I downloaded on my computer. But, I still prefer a hard copy of a book.

    Regarding your comment on my previous post about your willingness to read my children's stories, be ready, soon I will send you a collection of short stories. I have your email id.

  15. I am still a physical book person through and through, but I occasionally read books in PDF form on my computer or phone. But because I can't physically feel how far into the book I am, it feels like it takes forever to finish an e-book.

  16. I have noticed I read a lot more short stories than I used to, because they are much more accessible via blogs, ezines etc. I used to post short stories on Abc tales, where you can read stories straight off people's hard drives - and there's some amazing stuff. But I couldn't imagine reading a whole book on my laptop. The only thing I asked for for Xmas was a Kindle, so if my wish comes true, I'm looking forward to seeing what the fuss is about!

  17. I haven't heard of the cell phone stories before. Interesting!

    I do have Kindle. I tend to use it for books only available in e-book and for writers who are new to me to see if I like them. Then I usually buy the paper version. I still like my physical paper books. What can I say? I do love being able to carry a ton of books in one small package that I can keep in my bag with my paper and pencil everywhere I go.

  18. I still prefer real books, but ebooks mean I can occasionally buy something I want to read because of the difference in price :-)

  19. Jane/Lance – No worries there, a book is a book still thankfully, whatever format it is in:)

    J.A. – Sounds cool…how does the screen size work for you?

    Alex – A nice hardback collection is always pretty nifty! An increased font size sounds nice thought too.

    David – It’s true that when online we don’t so much read, as “use” information, versus reading a book for fun.

    L.G. – I don’t have an e-reader myself, still pretty happy with library books:)

    Rek – It’s funny how tactile reading can be…nice to meet ya!

    Carol – Neat to hear:)

    Donna – I had no idea about the tax revenues, thanks for the info:)

    Eagle – It’s hard to beat the web, after all it’s far more extensive than any encyclopedia could ever be.

    Trisha – I’m pretty much in the same boat myself right now.

    Ciara – “Keeper” books, I like that. There really are different levels of book in rankings in our personal libraries, i.e. the ones you conquer over a weekend versus the ones you’ll continue to reread.

    Nick – Nice to meet ya! Neat U.K. link, I’ll definitely peruse it more.

    Kelley – I’ve heard the Nooks are great for travel as they take up little space. How well do they hold a power charge for you?

    Rachna – Bring it one;) I’m totally game to read anything you write!

    Shelley – It’s hard to leave behind the physicality of books, at least for me. So I feel what you’re talking about.

    Nick – It’s true that short fiction works better online, but I find the novel is still my favorite fiction of choice.

    Shannon – Your raise and interesting point…how many e-books are there that aren’t available in other formats? This might ultimately be the decider that pushes people into the e-book world.

    Sarah – true, once the initial investment is made books will cost less online. However, do you truly own them or only so long as you subscribe to nook formatted products? Just curious.

    Admin – Thanks, good to meet you!