Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crazy Swamped

Hey fellow bloggers, I know I’ve been largely MIA online lately, and a bunch of you have very caringly stopped by my blog and asked how I’ve been. The short of it is I’m super swamped at work lately and my days at Facebook have been so long that I literally have at least a few days a week where all I do is work, sleep, and maybe eat. Needless to say it’s not very productive to generating a routine or blogging. Or having a personal life for that matter.

But I really want to get back in the swing of things and start stopping by your blogs again as well as post some more intriguing topics on my own site. I honestly don’t know when my work life will return to normalcy, but it may take a while. Nonetheless, keep an eye out for me as I have certainly not forgotten about any of you and I very much long to get back into the blogosphere in full swing once my crazy work schedule settles down a bit.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


  1. Hello Mark:
    From our own working days, now mercifully in the past,we are only too aware how everything seems to speed up towards holiday periods. We can totally sympathise with your hectic life at present but are reassured that it is only pressure of work which keeps you from our screens. We look forward to your return!!

  2. Hey Mark! Hopefully blogging can be a step away from the insanity of work for you.

  3. We shall look forward to your future posts.
    In your own time, we will wait patinently


  4. It's a busy time of year. I hope you get a break from work soon!

  5. Hi Mark..we all go through such days. Don't worry about it, we will be waiting for you. Take care.

  6. Hi Mark- Sorry you are so busy but at least you made me happy because I am in the same situation and getting to read or post has become exceedingly difficult...the dreaded deadlines and all around me! Hang in there....we won't forget you. : ) And as the french say...COURAGE! I humm that to myself all the time.

  7. we understand! Good luck with everything!

  8. We all understand...believe me. With work and family it's tough to keep up with blogging. It's like a second job ;)

  9. Yeah, no worries. I think most of us are planning on taking time off from the blogs in the coming weeks. Everyone gets busy this time of year. It's good to take breaks and recharge. :)

  10. Totally understandable; we'll be here when you return. :)

    Hope you get a break from all the work soon!

  11. Life does that occasionally. Think about calm blue oceans and come back whenever you can. We'll be here (or on a break hehe) :)

  12. I'm new here and completely understand. Thanks for visiting today and I look forward to future posts.

  13. Jane/Lance – I know everyone has lots of busy stuff too, so I hate to give excuses, but thanks for understanding:)

    Alex – Indeed;)

    Helen – Thanks!

    E.R. – I appreciate the support:)

    Rachna – You too:)

    LittleJeans – Courage…I will chant it to myself as well:)

    J.A. – Thanks so much!

    Crystal – I know others have equally busy schedules so I’ll try not to sound like a whiner…thanks:)

    L.G. – That’s true, everyone will be pretty busy this time of year.

    Eagle – I hope to gradually return sooner rather than later…fingers crossed.

    Lynda – Blue oceans…ok, working on it:)

    Ciara – Thanks to you too!

  14. Definitely understandable. I'm not going anywhere! Will keep an eye out.

  15. Do what you got to do, man. We'll be here. Sounds like what I went through for the last few months. Work work work. But you can do it! :)

  16. No worries, I'll sit and chill until you get back :-)

  17. Hi Mark. I know exactly what you mean. I've been doing so much overtime it's ridiculous. I'll be off blogger till after the new year so just stopped by to wish you Merry Christmas. :)

  18. Shannon – Thanks for understanding:)

    David – Thanks for the encouragement!

    Sarah – Thanks so much:)

    Laila – And a very Merry Christmas to you too:)