Thursday, December 15, 2011

How Has the Internet Altered Your Reading Habits?

Ordering lots of gifts online this year for Christmas? Maybe even purchasing a Nook or Kindle? Or perhaps you already found a favorite book online and just peruse it on your computer in PDF?

I especially love reading during this time of year and although I often prefer a good library book or even the occasional store bought paperback I find myself reading more and more content online. No need for an encyclopedia when I’ve got Wikipedia, and lets me read the first pages of so many books that I can decide what I want to read long before I go to the store. In places like Japan short “cell phone” stories have gotten so popular that lots of people read these on their way to work.

So how has the internet changed the way you read? Have you formed new reading habits you didn’t have before? Or perhaps you like to keep a mix of older hardbacks alongside your new tablet on your shelves at home?