Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Do You Feel About Multiple POVs?

I won’t deny it. I love books with multiple points-of-view. Not only do I love reading such books, I like to write stories with multiple POVs.

However, I’ve noticed that a sizable majority of agents I’ve spoken to over the past year tend to shy away from multiple POV books, particularly for first time authors. Now, this is only what I’ve encountered in my own experiences so I could be off. Ironically enough, I’ve found that most readers I talk to love multiple POVs, so it astonishes me somewhat to hear so many different agents remarking how they prefer to sign books written from a single perspective.

How do you feel about multiple POVs in a story? Why do you prefer to write/read one way or the other? Have you found some agents more willing than others to consider manuscripts written with multiple points-of-view?