Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Years!

Brining in the New Year has always had a slightly artificial feeling to me. Unlike Christmas or Halloween, it never really elicits quite the same feeling, but maybe that’s because something as simple as a date change feels somewhat arbitrary to me. Nonetheless, New Years is still worth celebrating.

Namely, because of that old tradition of creating New Years resolutions. A chance to remake ourselves anew for the New Year. Or to at least try and tackle those resolutions from last year again.

So what are your resolutions? I’m trying to think of something not entirely selfish this year, as often my resolutions revolve around attaining some personal goal or improving myself, but I think it’s time I resolved to do something for someone other than me. If any ideas pop into your head, let me know. Otherwise, have a very happy New Years!


  1. Hmm. Mine would probably involve being nicer to people in 2011, or at the very least, more patient. I feel like goodness is its own reward and it's worth trying. :)

  2. A good resolution and good advice all year round:)