Friday, December 10, 2010

Love on the Page

Putting love and love scenes into a novel or short-story can easily be some of the most difficult stuff to write. Some writers steer clear of it, while others make a living from it. But, truth be told, if you’re going to create well rounded characters they need to live and experience full human lives, and love is a big part of that.

Most writers will agree that subtlety is the key to infusing love into a storyline. But easier said than done. How do you get passion to come through without being over-the-top?

I’ve found that little tricks in your description can infer a lot. For instance, mentioning how one character touches another’s hair or hand implies action within an individual’s personal space, but still leaves room for the imagination. And perhaps that’s they key anytime you put love onto the page. Leave room for the imagination. It’s easy to over describe, so just leave enough descriptive breadcrumbs for your audience to follow and you should be alright.  

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