Friday, December 17, 2010

Ugly Sweater Party

A bad or ugly sweater party can be a really good thing. Tonight my wife and I are going to the annual bad sweater party some friends of mine have hosted around Christmas time for the past several years. What are we wearing? Bad sweaters of course. 

Not only is it a good excuse to get together with friends, you can actually put to use those old, crazy Christmas sweaters you or family members have received in years past. I know I personally like to use my dad’s since they truly are out of fashion. But it’s a good thing in this case Dad.

Additional benefits to holding or attending an ugly sweater party is that you’re already warm (I mean you’re wearing sweaters), and there’s usually plenty of holiday food and cheer. Obviously, I’d like to invite you all to come, but since some of you are pretty far flung across the globe, that probably won’t work. But whatever you’re doing tonight, have a great weekend as Christmas is just around the corner. 


  1. Paul had his own personal ugly sweater party tonight, which he insisted was a "hip" article of clothing, and "very warm".