Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dream Journal

The aboriginals of Australia believe that the world began when our ancestors dreamed it into existence. Everyone from the ancient Greeks to the Native Americans sought answers to the future via their prophetic dreams, and even modern psychology emphasizes the importance of REM sleep both physically for the body and mentally for the mind. Generally, I like my dreams and simply wish to remember more of them.

I often forget what I dream, although when I do recall my dreams they're usually pretty cool and sometimes lucid. I decided to start a dream journal, writing down each morning what dreams I remember from the previous evening. I've only just started, but I can see already how it helps me remember more dreams each night.

I've always had an intuition that different dreams come from different places. Some things are just on your mind, i.e. school, work, etc., but other dreams seemed to originate from somewhere else entirely and have such a vividness and mystery all their own. So what do you dream?