Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are You a Yankee or a Reb?

Ever watched Gone with the Wind for the hundredth time, but still press rewind to see it again? Or have you visited the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. and wondered what it might have been like to hear the Gettysburg Address in person? Perhaps you’ve got an inner voice that sympathizes with one side or the other in the never ending American struggle between North and South.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War, which dovetails nicely with the writing of my historical novel set during the Civil War entitled The Long Defeat. I’m halfway through another draft, and have gotten great feedback and support from fellow readers and writers out there over the past year as I continue to sharpen and rewrite my story. But during my writings and research I continually find myself asking what side of the line would I fall onto if I found myself embroiled in that American conflict 150 years ago.

I know some of you hail from states today that would have been either in the North or South, and some of you live in different countries altogether, but today Rebs and Yankees can come from anywhere. So if you found yourself living in America back in 1861, where would your sympathies lie? Do you see yourself as a Southern Belle/Gentleman turned Rebel or do you identify more with the Underground Railroad/Preservers of the Union?


  1. I actually have thought about this...mostly because I've lived all over the place. Grew up in California and then lived in Tennessee for several years. Went back west to Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, and now I'm back on the east coast in PA.

    I love the south, I really do. It's beautiful, the people are polite and friendly, the price of real estate is fairly low :) But, I really think I'd have been on the Northern side. I don't know if this is just because I was raised and lived most of my life in those damn Yankee states :) but, for a variety of reasons, yeah, I'd have to go Northern :)

  2. I like the South, but I'd have to like it a whole lot more to not say North.

  3. Michelle - Gosh you have lived in a few diff places:) Your comments raise a point I've always felt makes people decide one way or the other on the civil war question...where you consider home. You've lived in both places, so perhaps you get two votes;)

    Hektor - Lol. They say the "South" isn't a place but a state of mind. I value many aspects that Southern culture has contributed to America, and in fact what we most consider truly American often has its roots either in the South. At the same time I find myself siding with the North and have done so when attending Civil War reenactments. But anyone who's interested int he period feels deeply for both sides. Thanks for the input:)

  4. I'm fully with those who find the South fascinating.

    I part ways when fascination advances to romanticization.

    Like Michelle, I've also lived in both places :). I suppose the North still seems more like home (though it's been years since I've lived there...).

  5. Definitely the North. My family fought for the Union, but my husband's was on the Confederate side. Of course my side won. ;)

  6. I'm an Aussie... I cheer from the sidelines ;)

  7. Stephanie - Hmm a divided family...well, at least your side wins;)

    Lynda - Nothing wrong with that, Aussies are awesome no matter what side they pick:)