Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Solstice and Summer Reading

June 21st marks the summer solstice and what better way to enjoy the long stretch of daylight than picking out those favorite summer reading lists you've been dying to tackle. Some people might look at me strange for getting excited over summer reading, but my fellow book-enthusiasts out there know what I'm talking about. Everything from libraries to schools to bookstores will publish their suggested summer reading lists for book-lovers to tackle during the warm summer months.

Of course, you can generate your own summer reading list based on whatever you like, but just as spring cleaning acts as an incentive to start tidying the house, so too does summer reading help get the literate of the world to indulge in books with newfound passion. Personally, not only do I like to read new books over the summer, I like to tackle old favorites. I find summer a great time to reread books that I love and others I've been meaning to get back to because the joys of rereading a classic are boundless.

So what tomes will you pick up this summer? Do you prefer to use a bookstore/school reading list or do you like to strike out on your own? What do you do in order to get into the groove of summer reading?   


  1. I want something that sucks me in immediately, that entertains me - nothing too heavy or deep or emotional. I just want to relax and have fun and get through tons of good books. Plus, my kids are home all day, so I need something where I won't be totally lost if I get interrupted a million times while reading :) Old favorites are awesome for that :)

  2. I keep telling myself I'll finally get to Game of Thrones. And China Mieville. And there's that new book on ESPN that looks exciting. So that's a start. We shall see. :)

  3. I don't think I read differently in the summer, probably because as a Californian, seasons have been bred out of me. Rather than lists, I work off whim. I'm always on the look out for a good psychological mystery-nearly impossible to find. And I'm really aching to reread Zafón's The Angel's Game.

  4. My little comment is not about summer reading but rather about solstice. I always get my hair trimmed on solstices and equinoxes.

    Bit of random, odd trivia ...

  5. Michelle -amen to fun, a very important element of summer reading:) Also, the point about interruptions is good too;)

    Hektor - A Game of Thrones is totally worthwhile, if you start now you could have the whole series (written to date) done before summer's end. Trust me, you won't be disappointed, esp since book 5 comes out this summer.

    VR - Nothing wrong with whims, in fact I think mood is essential when selecting any book. Hmm...psych-mystery...I suppose you're def an Agatha Christie fan? ;)

    Suze - summer solstice rocks! There's something primordial about the changing of the seasons...books too for that matter;)

  6. Last year I plowed through books over the summer, but this year I'm focused on research and not many fun books. Lots of history though!

  7. It's the winter solstice for me in Oz. I think I read more in winter than I do in Summer... maybe. Hehehe.

  8. Stephanie - what kind of books you researching? Stuff for another fantastic novel I assume:)

    Lynda - well, I suppose that's true for Aussies:) But you raise an interesting idea into my mind...we have reading lists for the warm parts of the year...why not for the cold parts as well?