Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reread it...Are You Serious?

Ever read a book for the first time, then reread it when you're older and get a completely different take on the story? Ever get to the end of a book and feel sad that you finished it? Ever flip right back to the beginning and start reading it again?

If so, then you're a chronic re-reader and I'd like to help encourage the habit. Riffing off our discussions this week regarding summer reading, I love to reread my favorite novels over the summertime and reconnect with writers and stories that inspired me before. Whether I reread Tolkien or Shakespeare or Marion Zimmer Bradley, each time I gain new insights and discover new elements of the characters that I had no idea existed before.

So, how about it? If you could pick only one or two memorable books to reread this summer what would they be? What author's world would you most like to immerse yourself in time and again?


  1. Yes to all your questions :D I've already reread the Sookie Stackhouse series, will probably revisit Harry Potter and Diana Gabldon's Outlander series, and have reread all of Victoria Holt's books more times than I can count.

    I've never reread a book immediately after finishing it though. I like to give myself enough time between readings so I forget a few little details. That way I can still be surprised a bit :D

  2. Hmm, summer rereading ... Well, when I think of summer reading, I think of beach reads. In that vein, I'll give mention to Giffin's 'Something Borrowed,' I speak here of the novel, did not watch the recent adaptation. That story plants me firmly in the a blue-sky mindset. And Judy Blume's 'Forever,' but strictly the 1982 hardcover release. As a vintage collector, I get very particular with my editions.

  3. There's only been a few books I've reread. Lord of the Rings is one I reread most often. I think I've read it about 4 times now.

  4. Michelle - Hmm, I've got to check out some of your classics as I've read some, but not all of them. Looks like you've got some fun time ahead:)

    Suze - Vintage collector...ah, an intriguing aspect of the book world, but I fear I'm not endowed with enough dough to engage in it regularly ;)

    Lynda - LOTR rocks! I def love to reread that one and to read it aloud with others. 4 times is quite bit! Do you like the Simarillion or The Hobbit as well?

  5. I'm with you on re-reading. Some authors I really admire (like Borges, Shakespeare and Rilke) didn't click with me at all when I first read them.

    "each time I gain new insights and discover new elements of the characters that I had no idea existed before."

    Great point. Agree fully.

    Though it does occasionally go the opposite way -- I've had books that didn't live up to my childhood memories...

  6. All good authors Hektor! Rilke's pretty darn cool, very good pick there:) You've got a good point about some books not living up to childhood expectations...I get that for some Sci-fi, but I suppose that's just part of growing up. Nonetheless, most books only get better and better the more I read them!