Monday, June 27, 2011

Reading Multiple Books at Once

Do you ever find yourself confronted with having to choose between reading an old favorite or a new bestseller? Perhaps you don’t have much time in your day, but you have a list of a dozen more books you’d like to read. Well, if you’re anything like me, you prefer just to go for it and read all of them. 

Sometimes I like to read books one at a time, but other times I’ll read two or three different ones on any given day. After all there’s just so much out there, I often think that I’ll never get through enough of the great stories I want to jump into if I don’t tackle them a few at a time. I also find it a great way to revisit old favorites while still enjoying new novels. 

At the moment I’m reading three books: one historical fiction, one sci-fi, and another non-fiction. So what do you do when confronted with so many delectable reading choices in your busy schedule? Do you prefer to imbibe one book at a time or do you make exceptions for perusing more than one good read a day? 


  1. I get an interest in a particular topic and then I'm off in hot pursuit-- quite facilitated by neural networks that proffer handy suggestions of 'you might like ...' after making my initial selection. I then acquire far too many titles, try to plow through them and then achieve two things-- an expanded horizon and burnout.

    Would that our brains expanded a bit in capacity beyond that toddling 10% ...

  2. Very true about out brains...I really wish we could use more than 10%, there's just so much to do! :)

  3. "if you’re anything like me, you prefer just to go for it and read all of them."

    This is definitely me. Almost always. In fact I laughed a bit when reading this line. :)

  4. I think my record was reading 9 books at once. I never had a problem with picking up from where I left off. I guess I love variety. The most I do these days though is about three books.

  5. I sometimes read more than one at a time, like a novel and a biography or something. But I'll usually end up getting engrossed in one or the other and finishing it off before returning to the second book :)

  6. I always have several books going at a time, always different genres. Occasionally that means I'll lay a book down and forget about, see it weeks later, realize I never finished it and pick it up again.

  7. Hektor - Glad it amused you:)

    Lynda - 9 books, whoa! 3 is plenty:) How did you keep track of it all at once?

    Michelle - I suppose there's something to be said for finishing one task before starting another. Good common sense:)

    VR - Always good to keep reading in diff genres. If you're always able to pick up where you left off and finish each one, then I suppose you've got a pretty good system going:)